Our aim is simple: To create magnificent interiors and unique furniture for leaving timeless impressions. We believe that spaces should create an atmosphere in line with the style and personality of those who experience it.

Working as both designers and manufacturers we have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of bespoke furniture and interiors. We offer a broad range of interior Services which can be tailored to a client’s particular needs.


About Us

Countess Isabelle V. Trapp


With an ancestral heritage deeply rooted in the Austrian and Italian Alps and a passion for overseas adventure, Isabelle has developed a style of harmonious contrasts which is simultaneously fresh, colourful and evocative of the many different cultures she has encountered and engaged with on her extensive world travels.

A career in the arts world (Christie’s London) brought Isabelle to London in her early twenties. Her fascination with interiors, furniture and the decorative arts crystallised in the foundation of Beltrami Designs in 2007.

Inspired by the colours, textures and forms she has discovered all around the world, Isabelle works to create an interior environment which is original and striking, combining simplicity and warmth.


2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Beltrami Designs, as Specialists in Fine Furniture and Avant-Garde Interiors.


Furniture | Interiors

Working as both designers and manufacturers we have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of Bespoke Furniture and Interiors.

We offer a broad range of Interior Services which can be tailored to a client’s particular needs.

Whether this is to act as a full Interior Design and Build Service, or perhaps to simply advise to the practicality of any specific solution, you can be assured that we will use all our vast knowledge and experience to provide guidance from conception to completion of a fully furnished set of Avantgarde Interiors.


At Beltrami Designs we strongly believe that the luxury market will be moving away from commercial products.

This is why we will soon be offering the Personal Signature service for “personalisation”, through various skilled methods, such as the embossing and monogramming of logos, initials, family crests, symbols, or anything else a client wishes to use to make a statement.


We hold trade accounts with most international Fabric Houses.
Our Beltrami Designs Team will be happy to help and advise you with your selections.


Our Beltrami Designs workshop is conveniently situated in London.

We pride ourselves on utilising a blend of tradition & innovation, making the most of our company’s extensive experience in bespoke furniture making but also constantly sourcing state of the art techniques.

Our professional Beltrami Designs team will work together with you to find your perfect style and, if necessary, ergonomic fit for any furniture. You will also be advised as to technicalities, which often prove vital to your chosen choice.

We have an array of wood and finishes, and different methods of upholstery stitching. All the features of our Design Lab are here to help ensure our design collaboration is a success.

Our Frame Shop combines latest CNC machinery and classic equipment and a Spray Workshop, offering customers extensive technical knowledge, cost-effective working methods, and commitment to punctuality, efficiency, and reliability.

Robust, ergonomic, and often complex in design, the skilled team thrives on the challenge of every piece, ensuring that exacting standards are always met.

Bespoke Furniture

Production | Design

Contract furniture for the leading names in interior design & architecture.

Recognised by the Interior Design Industry as the very finest handmade furniture available. A reputation achieved through meticulous attention to detail and an instance of traditional craftsmanship. Each and every handcrafted piece is subject to strict standards and rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship to produce the most stunning furniture pieces. Made to order to our customer’s specifications, using only the finest materials.

Bespoke Interiors

Design | Styling

Our belief is that each room should create an atmosphere in line with the tastes and personality of those who experience it.




At Beltrami Designs, we believe in a personalised experience and tailor the process to your requirements. For any questions or to request a competitive quote please contact us on:




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